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    “It can travel anywhere in time and space. And it’s mine.”


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    here, have a transparent fifth doctor…

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    Michael is psyched to sit with sue, Steven Moffat and Matt SMITH at the Doctor Who season finale today at The Way Station

    Nice location :: they have their own TARDIS :) 

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    The Five Doctors (1983)

    Still one of my fav’ gif set.

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    2013 is DOCTOR WHO’s 50th Anniversary. Each month, BBC AMERICA takes the TARDIS back in time with Brand New Specials on all eleven Doctors. This month, it’s Fifth Doctor PETER DAVISON!

    Take an in-depth look at the fifth incarnation of the truly timeless Time Lord, played by the youngest actor in the part until current Doctor Matt Smith debuted in 2010. With exclusive interviews with lead writer and executive producer STEVEN MOFFAT, Tenth Doctor DAVID TENNANT, Season Six guest star HUGH BONNEVILLE (Downton Abbey), Fifth Doctor companions SARAH SUTTON and MARK STRICKSON, and DAVISON himself, examining one of the most dramatic departures from the series to date and discussing the return of the two popular foes, the emotionless Cybermen and the ever-deceitful Master.

    “I was probably the first Doctor who’d actually watched the series when he was growing up.”

    Then, in the story “Earthshock,” a conference to unite military powers against the Cybermen is about to take place, but the Cybermen plan to interrupt it and destroy the Earth. The Doctor must race against time to stop his enemies at any cost…

    Don’t miss the Premiere of the fifth DOCTOR WHO: THE DOCTORS REVISITED Special, plus the classic Fifth Doctor story “Earthshock” Sunday May 26 at 8/7c only on BBC America.

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  7. Update on the coffee shop project

    Growing towards 200 followers. I am thinking about starting a survey to try and see if there would be an actual market for the TARDIS coffee shop. Comments ?

  8. I hope no one lost the upper left reference… Komrade.

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  9. someone went in my tardis…

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    This weekend’s Doctor Who Tumblr Creative Challenge:

    Show us a room that you think exists within the TARDIS.

    Tomorrow’s episode is “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” where we’ll see more of the inside of our favorite ship.

    Seeing Anglophenia’s post eariler today got us thinking: what other rooms would you expect to find within the TARDIS? Would they be fantastical? Practical? Neither and both and nor?

    We want to see what you can come up with.

    Create a room that you think would exist in the TARDIS. Show it or describe it in whatever way you like to be creative: a drawing, a painting, a photo, gifs, a short story, a model, a diorama — anything you’d like.

    Our example diorama above is what we like to call the Adipose Tumblring Room. It’s where we sit on tumblr all day. It looks like this except it’s more conceptual space. Imagine a banana. Or anything curved…

    …actually, don’t, because it’s not curved or like a banana- FORGET THE BANANA!

    Anyway, make your own TARDIS room b/c we want to see it.

    Post it using the tag “My TARDIS”.

    We’ll reblog some of our favs throughout the weekend.